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Marit Øilo

Professor, Vice dean, Education

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Simulation the journey from fantasy to reality.

How real does the simulation have to be?

Using VR-Haptics as a Pedagogical Tool.

Preclinical Clinical Transition in Dentistry.

Virtual reality simulation in dental education.

A Postgraduate Training with VR-haptics

Can VR-haptics teach?

Concluding remarks by ADEE Secretary General

Building Talents with VR-haptic and Phantom-head simulations.

The VR-Haptic Thinkers Meetup is where people come together to be inspired and energized. The free to join hybrid meetup is an immersive, engaging and provocative day-long program, where people passionate about VR-haptic dental training and education gather, connect and hear from leaders in their fields. We’ve welcome 2 keynote and 4 invited speakers to date.

KUOPIO and the Finnish Lakeland

We're excited to be hosting VR-thinkers at heart of the Finnish Lakekand, Kuopio.

World’s biggest smoke sauna

It has its own soul.

The MEETUP spanned multiple tracks programmed through the lens of digital technology and education.

Haptic technology, when combined with virtual reality, is aligning the neglected sense of touch with sight and situational awareness in manual dexterity training; it’s a game changer.

We hosted the BIGGEST VR-thinkers MEETUP of Dental Education at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF), Kuopio, Finland in 2023.

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